How it works?

We have a host of engaging compliance training modules available

We onboard learner’s onto our easy to use dedicated learning platform which can be accessed on any device.

Your learner’s login anytime, from any location and you get notified of their progress.

A license fee is applicable based on the number of learner’s using the platform

Designed with learning in mind

Short training modules

Our training courses are broken into short video modules which can be completed gradually. Short bursts of learning help to maintain the learner’s attention.


Learners are asked to complete short online assessments after watching the video modules. Results are stored and can be accessed by management.

Management reporting

Managers have access to reports and analytics on learner progress.


We translate our training courses into most languages.

Learn on any device

There’s no need for special software or dedicated training rooms. Our learning platform lets your team learn anywhere, on any device with an internet connection.

Our approach to learning

We use technically accurate animations to generate engaging learning experiences. Case studies and readings are also included in our training modules to provide a blended approach to learning.

Course examples

We currently offer the following compliance training courses. All courses are customised to suit our customers brand. We also build bespoke courses based on or clients’ unique requirements and training criteria.

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